YA Diversity Book Club: Everything, Everything

Everything, Everything

Welcome to the August edition of the YA Diversity Book Club, a monthly feature we created in partnership with three other book bloggers: Kristina at Gone Pecan, Lucy at The Reading Date, and Kristan at We Heart YA. This month we read “Everything. Everything” by Nicola Yoon — the story of Madeline, a bookish, beautiful […]

#ReadRiordan: Why Kids Love the Series & Giveaway


This month for our Percy Pack post, I polled my older two kids, and my friend Michelle’s older two kids, to ask them why they loved the “Percy Jackson” series. Here, straight from the mouths of four kids ages 9-13, are reasons Rick Riordan’s books work for tweens and teens of various ages. ♦ELIAS, age […]

Celebrate Women’s Equality Day & ‘Suffragette’

Suffragette movie poster

August 26th is Women’s Equality Day and the 95th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. In honor of the day, my daughter and I, as well as my friend and her daughter, dressed in purple, one of the three colors of the Suffragette movement symbolizing dignity and ability (the other colors are green for hope, and […]

Monday Quotes: Characters in College

Monday Quotes

This weekend, Diana moved her youngest child in at college. As you can imagine, she’s having an emotional time adjusting to leaving her “baby” at university. In honor of my nephew’s first week of undergraduate school, I’ve compiled a few quotes from YA books that feature college-aged protagonists. These characters in college are still teens, […]

Literary Crush: Josh Bennett from The Sea of Tranquility

Sea of Tranquility Italian cover

It has been a couple of months since our last Literary Crush (Darrow — swoon!), and since I realized I never wrote one about Josh Bennett, here he is for everyone to admire. I recently re-read “The Sea of Tranquility” on audiobook (such good performances!), and I replayed my favorite scenes over and over again. […]

Monday Quotes: #QuietYA Titles

The Sea of Tranquility

I love the idea of #QuietYA — “smaller” YA books that aren’t necessarily New York Times best sellers or next up for a Hollywood adaptation. These are the books you hear about from friends and bloggers and librarians, but they’re not household names. This week, I’m quoting from five books I love and wish more […]

YA Diversity Book Club: First Anniversary Perks

YA Diversity Book Club

This month marks the first anniversary of the YA Diversity Book Club. A year ago, Kristina at Gone Pecan, Lucy at The Reading Date, Kristan at We Heart YA and I launched the YA Diversity Book Club together to promote diversity in young adult literature and read/recommend diverse titles to our readers. We are thrilled […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Who Are Fellow Book Nerds

Top Ten Tuesday

Today I’m sharing my favorite fellow book nerds in YA literature. Book nerds unite! 1. Hermione in “Harry Potter”: Could there be any other choice but my favorite swotty book nerd in the wizarding world? Hermione’s favorite place (other than Ron’s arms) is definitely the library. 2. Cath in “Fangirl”: And Cath is a close […]

Monday Quotes: Summer Reads

Monday Quotes

Diana and I haven’t been blogging very much lately, but we have been reading, so we’re sharing five quotes from books we’ve read and loved this summer. What are your favorite summer reads this year? SANDIE’s PICKS 1. “The Boy Most Likely To” by Huntley Fitzpatrick Out of the kitchen window, I watch Tim plunge […]

Fangirl Friday: Nina Simone Documentary

What Happened Miss Simone

I’m so sorry we haven’t been around much. Summers are pretty nightmarish when you have to juggle working from home with camp schedules, swim practices, two swim meets a week, etc. I didn’t want the entire week to go by without posting,  so today I want to recommend something a little different — not a […]