Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island

This week’s  Top Ten Tuesday is Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island (pick based on however you want…skills they would bring, their company… or pure hotness factor). So, my first thought was based on pure hotness factor, but Sandie was more practical, she wanted people with survival skills. Sigh, that’s […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Blogging Confessions

This week’s  Top Ten Tuesday is blogging confessions. We all have something we’d rather not tell anyone else regarding our reading, blogging or bookish preferences. Now thanks to this top ten list Sandie and I will now confess some of our deep, dark blogging secrets: 1. I can’t read literature in Spanish: I’m so embarrassed that despite being Colombian-American and […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Classic Books

This week’s  Top Ten Tuesday is Favorite Classic Books. This a topic that is perfect for Sandie and me, since we love reading classic novels. It’s especially fitting since Sandie was an English and Comparative Lit major in college. For us, “classic” are those books and stories that have stood the test of time and […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Books We’ve Read So Far This Year

This week’s  Top Ten Tuesday is Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far This Year. This is an easy one since between the two of us we’ve read more than a 100 books so far. Some of the books were highly anticipated and some were wonderful surprises. Overall, we’ve really enjoyed the selections of 2014. […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Senior Superlatives


This week’s  Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie where we pick our own topics. Since my daughter is graduating on Friday, I wanted to honor her and the Class of 2014 by selecting 10 books about seniors. Each of these books includes a senior who is in one way or another dealing with the pressures […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Books About Friendship

This week the Top Ten Tuesday is Ten books about friendship. This is easy for us, since we  love stories that include wonderful friendships. Because teenagers are ALL ABOUT their friends, YA is filled with stories about life-changing friendships. Here are some of our favorite “friendship books.” 1.  “The Harry Potter Series” by J.K. Rowling: Harry, […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Almost Put Down But Didn’t

This week the Top Ten Tuesday is Ten Books I Almost Put Down But Didn’t. It’s so amazing to me when I think about the books that I wanted to abandon and stop reading, but by the end, was so glad that I had persevered. I often tell my kids and my students that sometimes it just takes a […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Books If You Like Pretty in Pink


This week the Top Ten Tuesday is  Books If You Like (Our Choice!). We decided to highlight books for people who like the movie, “Pretty in Pink.” Andie and Blaine are from different sides of the tracks and yet they want to be together. Like Andie and Blaine, here are some YA books that deal […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Who Make Us Laugh

This week the Top Ten is top ten characters who X (our choice). Sandie and I decided that we could use more laughter in our lives and wanted to list the characters who’ve made us laugh, even if they aren’t always funny. In almost every book, there’s always a character who provides that “comic relief” […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things We’d Like To Own

Bookish Things

Sandie’s off on a Spring Break adventure you can follow on Instagram, so we won’t be updating much this week. But we did have time to share some of our favorite bookish things, whether we own them already or hope to someday! 1. Frodo’s Ring: Tolkien’s books opened me up to the fantasy genre and […]