Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Finished Series We Have YET to Finish

Top Ten Series We Haven't Finished

This week’s top ten is probably easier for me (Diana) than it is for Sandie. I have slowed down on my reading a LOT over the last year and a half. My kids graduated in 2014 and 2015, and I just wanted to spend more time with them instead of reading (I know it’s blasphemy […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Characters We Just Didn’t Click With

It’s bound to happen, even in the best of books, there are characters that we just don’t click with. There are all kinds of reasons that this happens. Sometimes there are characters that are popular, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t happen for me. In other books, the characters are just not lovable, and it’s […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Our Syllabus for “The Female Heroine 101″

With school already beginning in many parts of the country, we get to think about the books we would include on our syllabus if we taught the class  “The Female Heroine 101.”  Literature is filled with many strong female protagonists. These females are heroines in every sense of the word. They embody strength, courage, honor, […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Our Auto-buy Authors


This week our top ten list is about our Auto-buy authors. We all have them — the authors we enjoy so much that we pre-order anything they write, no matter the genre or the plot. We don’t care, just give us their books! 1. Rainbow Rowell: As far as I’m concerned, Rowell could write the […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Who Are Fellow Book Nerds

Top Ten Tuesday

Today I’m sharing my favorite fellow book nerds in YA literature. Book nerds unite! 1. Hermione in “Harry Potter”: Could there be any other choice but my favorite swotty book nerd in the wizarding world? Hermione’s favorite place (other than Ron’s arms) is definitely the library. 2. Cath in “Fangirl”: And Cath is a close […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Celebrate Diversity

Diversity in YA Top Ten

This week’s Top Ten list is a topic that is dear to our hearts: diversity. We have always been committed to reading and recommending books that feature diverse characters and themes. Every month we co-host the YA Diversity Book Club (which we’ve been running for a year this month), and Sandie is a Social Media […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Last Ten Books That Came Into Our Possession

For this week’s “Top Ten Tuesday,” we are highlighting  the last ten books that came into our possession. Of course, we came into possession of these books in different ways. Some of the books were bought, borrowed, given to us as gifts, or received as review copies. Since BEA was last month, Sandie got tons […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Our Favorite Top Ten Topics

This week we’re celebrating the fifth anniversary of  Top Ten Tuesday. In honor of this milestone we’d like to list our favorite Top Ten topics (of the ones we’ve posted, of course): Diana’s Picks: 1. All Time Favorite Authors: Even though my favorite authors change all the time, I love to think about the authors […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Books On Our TBR For Summer 2015

Saint Anything

Yes, it’s that time of year at long last, summer of 2015 is almost upon us. For most of us summer means no school, family vacations, relaxation, beach trips, and swimming pools. In addition to all of those things, summer is also the time for lots of reading. One of my favorite activities is sitting […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Books To Movies We’d Love to See

top ten tuesday

I’m sure readers everywhere would agree that it’s always fun to picture the books you read as movies. I imagine that I’m not the only one who even thinks about possible actors/actresses to play their favorite characters. Sometimes when a book I’ve read has been adapted into a movie, there are certain scenes that I […]