Top Ten Tuesday: Our Favorite Top Ten Topics

This week we’re celebrating the fifth anniversary of  Top Ten Tuesday. In honor of this milestone we’d like to list our favorite Top Ten topics (of the ones we’ve posted, of course): Diana’s Picks: 1. All Time Favorite Authors: Even though my favorite authors change all the time, I love to think about the authors […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Books On Our TBR For Summer 2015

Saint Anything

Yes, it’s that time of year at long last, summer of 2015 is almost upon us. For most of us summer means no school, family vacations, relaxation, beach trips, and swimming pools. In addition to all of those things, summer is also the time for lots of reading. One of my favorite activities is sitting […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Books To Movies We’d Love to See

top ten tuesday

I’m sure readers everywhere would agree that it’s always fun to picture the books you read as movies. I imagine that I’m not the only one who even thinks about possible actors/actresses to play their favorite characters. Sometimes when a book I’ve read has been adapted into a movie, there are certain scenes that I […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors We REALLY Want to Meet

authors we'd like to meet

This week’s top ten is not only easy for us, it’s also a lot of fun. Sandie has had the opportunity to meet many authors and interview them, but there are still so many that she hasn’t had to chance to meet yet. I’ve met a few at YALLFest and it was so much fun. […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Books We Will Probably Never Read

For this week’s top ten we will list and briefly discuss books that we will probably never read. There are many different reasons that we might not read a book. Maybe it’s a genre we’re not interested in or an author that we didn’t care for in the past. Whatever the reason, here are our […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Books Which Feature Characters Who Have Lost Someone

For this week’s top ten we decided to highlight books that feature characters who have lost someone. Loss and grief is difficult for anyone to deal with, but for teens it can be especially scary and confusing. The fact that so many authors for young adults are committed to writing stories that can help their […]

Top Ten Tuesday: All Time Favorite Authors

This week’s Top Ten is All Time Favorite Authors. There are so many authors we love, so the hard part is cutting the list down to just ten. Here are ten of  favorite Young Adult authors (in no particular order, we love them all). Diana’s Picks: J.K. Rowling: I have to start with her, because […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Books to Read Spring 2015

Spring 2015 TBR List

This week’s Top Ten is books on our Spring TBR list. There are so many books to read leading up to summer, and I had to cull a bunch, but here are ten I know I’m definitely reading this season. MARCH Half Wild by Sally Green: The sequel to “Half Bad” continues Nathan’s story as […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Recent All-Time Favorite Books

Recent All Time Favorites

This week the Top Ten Tuesday topic is recent books we would qualify as all-time favorites from the past three years. We’re glad to have the limit of books from the past 3 years because it would be really hard for us to list our top ten favorite books of all time (there would be […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Our Book Related Problems

This week for Top Ten Tuesday we will share some our deepest, darkest book related problems. Yes we confess that sometimes being a bibliophile causes problems, but we’re willing to deal with them for the love of books. Diana’s Problems: 1. Buying more books than I have time to read: I have so many books […]